Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the realization of the purposes which govern Fiscaltech as a manual. By reading and understanding this code, reader will be able to take correct actions and decisions based on ethical conduct premises recommended by Values of Fiscaltech.

In the Code of Conduct pages, reader will understand the importance of Responsibility for the environment, company’s economic sustainability and generation of value to society; Commitment to all who are impacted by our work, be they employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders or society; Simplicity of attitudes, seeking essential with objectivity and transparency; Discipline to act through good practices, ethically and respectfully.

Fiscaltech provides an Ombudsman which receives, evaluates and appropriately directs issues related to Code of Conduct. Please, read it entirely and apply its guidelines on your daily relations with Fiscaltech. If in doubt, please contact Ombudsman by filling this form.


Read the Fiscaltech’s Code of Conduct by clicking here.