Corporate Governance


Fiscaltech is proud of writing its history based on responsibility and transparency, values that guarantee company’s steadiness. Reaffirming its commitment to ethics, responsibility and transparency, Fiscaltech has the We Are Compliance program, that gathers initiatives to support employees working in accordance with legal requirements, as well as internal business procedures.

The program comprises the Code of Conduct, which presents the conduct standards to be applied by all company levels. A cross-functional Compliance Committee formed by professionals from different sectors monitors the program and the correct compliance with the standards outlined in the Code of Conduct.

However, the role of surveillance agent is not restricted to committee members. With an implemented Ombudsman, employees, partners and customers can point out irregularities related to ethical standards set by Code of Conduct, with the guarantee of having their identity preserved.

To read Fiscaltech’s Code of Conduct, please click here.