Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Fiscaltech has a constant commitment to observe the entire national and international legal repertoire related to the prevention and fight against corruption, as well as the protection of free competition, in particular following the Law 12.846 / 2013 (Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law), Law 12.529 / 2011 ( Competition Law), or Presidential Decree No. 8.420 / 2015, within the scope of its activities.

The Integrity, Anti-Corruption and Free Competition Policy sets out rules and guidelines that ensure and reinforce Fiscaltech’s commitment to preventive practices related to anti-corruption and free competition protection – and to the highest standards of integrity, legality and transparency during the conduction of business.

This Policy applies to all Fiscaltech employees, at various organizational levels, regardless of their hierarchical position, whether they are partners, officers, managers, suppliers, business partners, service providers and other contractors, individuals or companies acting on behalf of Fiscaltech.



Read the Fiscaltech Anti-Corruption Integrity and Free Competition Protection Policy by clicking here