Fiscaltech recognizes and values its role as a change agent. This is why it works to reinvent attitudes that contribute to a better world for future generations, changing the course of action of the current one. This ‘Reinventing’ attitude has inspired the creation of a program which engages employees and partners to think differently every day.

By thinking new ways to reduce the environmental impacts inside and outside the workplace; finding alternatives to improve life quality, encouraging physical activity; practicing citizenship and respect for diversity and for the individuals through volunteering. Through this simple steps, Fiscaltech reinvents itself every day and thus contributes to a more sustainable and healthy future.

Sustainability – Batteries, lamps and used cooking oil

Collection stations positioned at strategic points receive the disposal of batteries, lamps and used cooking oil for allocation to recycling. After three years of campaigning, more than 20 kg of batteries, 604 lamps and 70 liters of oil were correctly allocated by Fiscaltech’s partner network.

campanha_pilhas        campanha_lampadas


Life Quality – Bike goes beyond health

As a company devoted to develop alternatives that improve urban mobility, for Fiscaltech, use bike goes beyond health. In commuting to work or in leisure time, a bicycle on the street represents one less car on traffic. That’s why the company encourages the bike use as a means of transport promoting awareness of safety standards and respect for the cyclist.



Aiming to provide a humanized vision to technology it develops, Fiscaltech encourages social engagement as a premise of organizational culture. The company believes that volunteering is able to awake the idea of respect, empathy and solidarity, core values for a just and egalitarian society. That is why employees who aspire to engage in different kinds of social or environmental causes receive proper guidance to start their activities as volunteers.


Adopt-a-Mug Campaign

Within Fiscaltech, employees are encouraged to reduce consumption of plastic cups through the Adopt-a-Mug campaign. By delivering customized mugs among employees, company reduces the consumption of 700 units of plastic cups per person and helps to spread the sustainability culture among all business levels.